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The tab you clicked on to get here says, “About Us.” I apologize. There is no “Us.” There is only “Me.” So, I guess this is going to be about me. I will not; however, bore you with facts, figures, awards, rewards, kudos, etc. I do have a few, but “so what!”

You are on my website because you are considering doing something in real estate so I will talk about that. If anyone would have told me during my 65+ odd years on this earth that I would ever own and operate my own real estate school, albeit it, a small, rural school in a small county in the middle of Florida, that I would be able to teach and influence others along a lucrative career path and help them to achieve their own personal success, I would have laughed at them. “Not Me!” I would have said. Never-the-less, here I am and here it is and it appears to be working.

I got into real estate by default two times. First I had a semi-bad experience with a real estate agent in New Hampshire in 1976. Needed a job, had no real skills or education and saw an ad for a real estate salesperson with very low pre-employment requirements. I went for it and I got it. Did real estate off and on until 1990 when I moved to Florida. My promised job fell thru and once again, by default, I got my real estate license and have managed to hold onto it until today.

During the years in between, I learned that real estate would allow me to do all kinds of things I never imagined myself doing. Things that, had others told me I could do I would have said, “No, not me!” Time and time again I achieved milestones and accomplished things I did not think were possible for me to do.

That is why my current passion for teaching is so important to me. People said I had a gift for helping others and I doubted them until one day I realized that they couldn’t all be wrong. Perhaps I do have a gift for teaching and helping others to achieve a new career path. Perhaps, these folks see something in me, I do not see in myself. Anyway, I looked at my surroundings, took stock of all my many blessings and realized that this fantastic real estate industry had given me just the right opportunity to do what I seem to do best. That is why I encourage you to look seriously at a real estate career path. This may be the last business opportunity in America that doesn’t require you to have a college degree, invest enormous amounts of money, take huge financial and emotional risks and slave away 20 hours a day, 8 days a week. The personal and financial rewards that real estate offers are endless and only limited by the individual belief system. No glass ceiling, no mandatory retirement, no staff hierarchy, today’s new agent is tomorrow’s top producer. My career in real estate has allowed me to achieve my dreams and many things I never thought I could do. It has provided me with personal success and financial security. My goal now is to use my talents to help others to move along that same path and to secure the success and rewards that they dream of for themselves. Thank you for visiting my website and very best wishes to you as you travel your life path.

My Mission Statement

For the rest of my life, I am committed to helping others to achieve their goals and dreams by assisting them in succeeding. I will use my education, experience, talents, knowledge, wisdom, strengths, commitment, example, belief system, and faith to the best of my ability to encourage and guide others along the path that has led me to personal success and happiness.

The purpose of the Nature Coast Real Estate Institute, LLC is and will remain to be; assisting my customers in securing and keeping their real estate licenses and helping them to discover and travel a personally rewarding and lucrative real estate career path.

Thank you for visiting my website,
Dennis T. Pilon

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